“The forty-one-minute recording has lots going for it: Solaire’s in-house ensemble, das freie orchester Berlin, distinguishes Borenstein’s score with an impassioned and texturally luscious reading; the strings-only presentation and emphasis on elegantly lilting rhythms likens it to Stravinsky’s Apollon musagète and Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht“
(textura | Ron Schepper – December 2015, Album of the Month)

> Composers and Artists

One of the key missions of das freie orchester Berlin is to treat modern composers‘ music with the same care and respect as the great masterpieces of the past.

We understand that realising recording projects may sometimes involve years of dedicated planning and fund acquisition. Therefore, we provide the highest quality recording services, usually only associated with major recording labels, at a realistic price point.

das freie orchester Berlin welcomes collaborations with external conductors.

An example of our work: Nimrod Borenstein, Suspended upus 69 (Solaire Records)

> Film-/Game-music and Advertising

das freie orchester Berlin offers flexibility in planning, transparent neighbouring rights management and highest quality execution of the to be recorded score. We believe that nothing can replace the magic and beauty of sound produced by live artists in real spaces, and put this creative potential at your disposal.

We co-operate with Berlin’s best recording studios, allowing you to choose the ideal solution for your specific needs. If you can’t be present at the session yourself, you can follow the recording and communicate with us via source-connect.

> Live-concerts

Please contact us for live-concert support.